Unit cardVeterancyWeaponsAbilities  • Upgrades

64px Requires Battle phase 2 The MG-42 is one of the best machine guns in the war, offering an unparalleled rate of fire.
Cost 60 Coh2 munition
Jaeger Infantry Package
64px Requires (PASSIVE) Jaeger Light Infantry Upgrade Two semi-automatic G43 rifles add increased firepower. The squad can cross into enemy areas undetected and interrogate enemy casualties to reveal their comrades' positions.
Cost 40 Coh2 munition
Ambush Camouflage
64px Requires (PASSIVE) Ambush Camouflage Infantry in cover can camouflage themselves from enemies. Ambushing enemy units while camouflaged will briefly increase the squads damage.
Cost 30 Coh2 munition